WordPress update error

I will write this one in english since it probably can help others out there
So I had some problems with updating my WordPress site that I host on my Synology. I tried searching for a solution, but had a hard time finding one. After some time though, I finally found a solution. Turns out the problem was the owner of the WordPress files. The original owner was “nobody”, and that was fine for a while. But somewhere along the road Synology decided to change the user who ran the internal Apache server to “http” and that means there suddenly was a mismatch between the user who owned the WordPress files and the user who ran the Apache server instance. This meant trouble for the WordPress update function.
But the good news is the fix is pretty easy to implement. I just had to change the owner of the WordPress files from “nobody” to “http”. This can be done by executing a couple of commands in the command line/Terminal on the Synology.
Now, to be clear, the error I was getting when trying to update was this:
WordPress could not create directory /volume1/web/[more]”
To fix it, I ran these two commands:
chown -R http:http /volume1/web/[wordpress site]
chmod -R 775 /volume1/web/[wordpress site]
After this, the one-click update function in newer WordPress sites just works flawlessly.

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